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Sunrise Spacer Set Sunrise Spacer Set
Set of 4 spacers, suitable for almost every longboard, surfskate or skateboard. The spacers are important for those who want to assemble a longboard themselves. They prevent the bearings from slipping away.
€0.50 *
Set of BOLZEN Screws Set of BOLZEN Screws
Set of 8 Bolzen Screws including nuts and wrench. Length: 1.25". Suitable for all kinds of longboards (dropthrough + topmount), surfskates and skateboards. For US tools only
€3.90 *
Sunrise Shockpads 3mm Sunrise Shockpads 3mm
Set of 2 Shockpads suitable for all topmounted longboards and surfskates. Height: 3mm / 1/8".
€3.90 *
Bearings set - 8 pcs - ABEC 9 Bearings set - 8 pcs - ABEC 9
ABEC 9 bearings with chrome balls and turquoise colored resin shield on both sides. To clean the bearings the shield can be removed and attached again. The bearings are oiled with japanese high speed oil. One set contains 8 bearings.
€12.99 *
G-TRUCK Bushings Set 78A G-TRUCK Bushings Set 78A
G-Truck Bushing Set bestehend aus: 2 x Cone Bushing, 78A, 2 x Barrell Bushing, 78A. Die Bushings eignen sich für die G-Truck Surfskate Achse sowie alle herkömmlichen Longboards. Die Härte von 78A garantiert leichtes Lenken ohne großen...
€6.99 *
G-TRUCK special Bushings Lenkgummies Set superweich G-TRUCK special Bushings Lenkgummies Set...
Diese Bushings machen dein Surfskate noch wendiger. Dank der Aussparung in der Mitte lässt sich das Board noch extremer einlenken. Damit ist das ultimative Carve-Feeling garantiert. Dieses Set besteht aus: 2 x Cone Bushing 78A, 2 x...
€9.99 *
G-TRUCK surfskate trucks set 165mm grey G-TRUCK surfskate trucks set 165mm grey
The new G-Truck surfskate truck is the perfect companion for all surfers out there. Caused by the steep steering angle This truck gives the board a feeling which comes very close to surfing. With this special truck you easily can move...
€89.99 *