About BTFL | BTFL - Beautiful Longboard and Rollerskate

About BTFL

A team of young designers and experienced technical specialists at BTFL – “beautiful longboards and rollerskates” – develop boards and skates specifically for young women.

Originally BTFL started off with innovative longboards specialized for female customers. Since our founding in 2015, we have found our way into the German longboard industry. 

Tailored to women’s body sizes and weights, the construction and individual technical features of the BTFL boards allow lighter, more petite riders to cruise comfortably on their BTFL longboards. These make it easier for beginners to learn, and also give advanced riders the chance to go to their limits.

The high-quality, technologically elabo­rate boards are made of Canadian ma­ple and bamboo, and also feature some fiberglass. The longboard shapes are de­signed and developed based on years of practical experience with female riders, and have a distinctive look. Inspired by the latest skating and fashion trends, BTFL boards are always turning heads on the street and at the parks.

We’ve decided to adopt the successful formula from our longboard product range for our new roller skate line. We provide roller skates with specific designs and technical features which were developed with a focus on the special needs of female skaters.