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payment conditions

Payment and Dispatch (§9-10 of our AGB)

§ 9 Dispatch costs (national and international) / delivery

The following applies for our customer:

The prices listed at the time of ordering apply. 

The prices listed include the statutory sales tax (19%) and other price components. In addition added shipping costs may arise that will be listed at the checkout.

The Costs for repatriation have to be covered by the customer. Return delivery has to be insured when sent back.

Express deliveries are only offered after high demand.

The following applies for all our customers, who are no consumer:

The delivery will be sent to the address given by the customer. The type and way of delivery will be set by the Puravida Sports GmbH in its discretion. The costs for the delivery shall be charged on time and material basis. The costs for delivery have to be checked before ordering. Adding costs at duty may arise when delivering outside of the European Union. We will not cover any of these costs.

The Costs for repatriation have to be covered by the customer. Returns of the customer have to be send insured.

We only allow express deliveries on urgent cases. 

§ 10 Terms of Payment

For consumers the following applies:

The payment of the purchasing price has to be paid immediately after purchase. When the due date of the payment is determined by the calendar, the buyer gets in default already after missing the date. In case of a default we are authorized to desire interest rates 5% above the basis sentence. We shall reserve the right to prove higher damages due to the arrears and to enforce them. (§ 288 Abs. 3, 4 BGB)

The following applies for all our customers, who are no consumer:

If the customer enters into arrears of payment with regard to an invoice, all current payments will be due immediately.In this case the supplier is also entitled to cancel the order of goods and to demand liquidated damages. In the event of any delay in payment, interest at a rate of 1 % of the invoice amount has to be paid. Against the sellers claims the buyer only can allocate with an undisputed or legally valid counter claim.

We accept payments via prepayment, PayPal, credit card and debit payments. When your address of delivery is outside of Germany, the payment can be only done with prepayment or Paypal.

For our entire customers, who are no consumer we also accept payments via an invoice.

For our consumer, the following applies:

Payments via prepayment: With payments via prepayments you have to deposit the invoice amount within seven days on our bank account after completing the order. Upon prepayment the indicated delivery deadlines apply after cash receipt.

Payment via PayPal: You pay the invoice via the online provider PayPal. You have to register in advance, then legitimate with your login information and confirm the payment. After the invoice has arrived, the goods will be shipped.

Payment via credit card: For payment via credit card, after the checkout you will be connected to our payment provider Payone (payone GmbH & Co KG; The credit card account will be charged online when the order is made. All information according to your payment will be saved by our payment processor.

Payment via debit: With the payment via debit we shall have the right to deduct the costs from the invoiced amount. Sollte die Lastschrift wegen fehlender Kontodeckung oder aufgrund falscher Angaben bei der Bankverbindung nicht eingelöst werden, oder widersprichst Du der Abbuchung, obwohl Du hierzu nicht berechtigt bist, hast Du die Kosten und Gebühren der Rückbuchung zu tragen, wenn Du dies zu vertreten hast. Die Belastung des Kontos erfolgt vor Versand der Ware.

All payments shall be made without deduction to Puravida Sports GmbH. Payment is not considered made before we can finally dispose ofthe amount in question

Offsetting by the customer due to his own claims to payments is excluded unless they are undisputable or legally binding. The purchaser can only exercise a right to refuse performance or right of retention, in so far as the same conditions are fulfilled in the contractual relationship.

The limitations do not apply in case of a counterclaim, or when rights of the buyer due to a defect in the goods arise. For all our customers, who are no consumer, the payment and cash discount periods shall only commence on the agreed delivery date.