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BTFL surfskate AURELIA - Surf Skateboard complete with kicktail

BTFL surfskate AURELIA - Surf Skateboard complete with kicktail

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  •  Bamboo + Canadian maple
  •  24.5x76.5cm
  •  65x47mm, 78A
  •  78A front / 90A rear
  •  G-Truck Surfskate 165 mm
  •  44cm
  •  ABEC9
  •  2.85Kgs
  •  hard

Product information "BTFL surfskate AURELIA - Surf Skateboard complete with kicktail"

The BTFL Surfskate Board Aurelia impresses with its dreamy graphics and lets you almost float over the asphalt. The G-Truck Surfskate axle gives the board a ride that couldn't be more similar to surfing: with the G-Trucks you can move super casually using carving moves, and that's exactly what makes this special ride. At just 76.5 cm long and 24.5 cm wide, the Surfskate Board is very agile and offers a firm footing for dynamic carves. The strong concave prevents your feet from slipping during tight turns. The stringers in the middle of the deck are visually reminiscent of a surfboard and the dark colored wood layer makes the graphics almost glow. The BTFL Aurelia Surf Skateboard is definitely the ideal companion for all sea lovers and water sports enthusiasts, both visually and technically.

Possible applications: Cruising, Surfskate
Rider weight: up to 100kg
suitable for: Beginner, Advanced
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Surfing like on waves!

BTFL surfskates come in a variety of lengths and shapes, so whether you're just starting out or looking to take your skills to the next level, you'll find the perfect board for you.

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frequently asked Questions

What is a surfskate?

When surfskating, you move forward using pure pumping movements. How does that work? This is mainly due to the front axle. This is designed differently than that of a normal longboard or skateboard. The steep steering angle of the axle allows the board to be turned much more extremely. With the right body movement, the board can then be pumped forward without having to take your foot off the board.

Why are these boards called "surfskates"?

Surfers in particular swear by surfskates when they don't have the opportunity to surf. The feeling of surfskating is very similar to surfing on the water. Surfskates are available in different lengths and widths, as the distance between the axles is also crucial for the maneuverability of the board. The closer the axles are to each other, the more agile the board becomes. In this way, surfskates can be used to recreate different situations on the water and practice dry runs.

Are surfskates suitable for beginners?

The great thing about surfskates is that they are for everyone. While surfers use them as a training tool, total beginners simply have a lot of fun getting a taste of surfing. Surfskates are a great board to start with, whether you have surfing experience or not.

Which shape is best for me?

The closer the axles of a board are to each other, the more maneuverable it is. That's why smaller boards are usually more maneuverable than longer boards. With a surfskate, this means that the curves are steeper and you have to move accordingly faster. Longer boards are suitable for beginners because they are less agile and ride a little more stable. That doesn't mean that you can't use our small surfskates to start with. Getting started will just be a little more difficult with them.

Can I ride straight with a surfskate?

With the BTFL surfskates you can also go straight. To do this you just have to set the steering of the axle harder. This is one of the biggest advantages that BTFL surfskates have over other manufacturers.

Are surfskates also suitable for children?

Yes, surfskates are also great for children to ride. The pumping motion required for surfskating is very similar to that of a waveboard. Many children can therefore move intuitively and straight away with surfskates. We recommend choosing a short surfskate for children, e.g. the Moby or Beth models.