About BTFL

About BTFL Boards & Skates

BTFL was launched as a longboard brand in 2015. Behind "beautiful" Boards & Skates is a team of young designers and experienced technology specialists. We want to make it easier for female riders in particular to get started with longboarding and offer a platform for exchanging questions and video and photo material.

We at BTFL therefore support and sponsor motivated skaters so that they can practice their favorite sport and at the same time be a role model for others. Through our activity in the sport itself, our technical know-how and the close cooperation with the team riders, well-thought-out shapes are created that cover many areas of longboarding.

The individual components of the BTFL longboards are perfectly coordinated: The bushings are significantly softer than average to enable comfortable steering behavior right from the start. This means that even lighter riders get their money's worth. We use different types of wood and sometimes fiberglass in our deck constructions, which give the BTFL longboards a unique look and do justice to the corresponding riding style. BTFL sets high standards for the quality of our products - after all, the materials are crucial to the enjoyment of the sport.

Visually, the BTFL longboards are characterized by their unique look. The designs are created in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. BTFL stands for a distinctive visual language created by women, which, in addition to the technical properties, contributes significantly to the popularity of the brand.

We have decided to adapt the successful concept of our longboard brand BTFL Longboards for our roller skate line. Above all, we want to create a community that conveys the love of roller sports and the attitude to life.