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BTFL PRISCILLA - Kids Longboard Sloth

BTFL PRISCILLA - Kids Longboard Sloth

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  •  7 layers of Canadian maple
  •  19x80cm
  •  65x47mm, 78A
  •  74A
  •  150 mm RKP
  •  57cm / 22.4"
  •  ABEC9
  •  2.4Kgs
  •  hard

Product information "BTFL PRISCILLA - Children's Longboard Sloth"

The fleet Priscilla invites all children to a fast-paced cruise through town and country. Hang eat sleep repeat is your motto, but hopefully not your child's. This children's longboard is a great way to hang out and speed around. The longboard is particularly suitable for children thanks to its total length of 80 cm and width of 19 cm. Due to its size, it weighs significantly less than conventional longboards and is correspondingly easy to handle. The 74A soft bushings make it comfortable and easy to steer, so that even light children can enjoy cruising! This BTFL children's longboard is a drop through longboard, so the distance between the deck and the ground is smaller. This is particularly advantageous for beginners and children. The 150 mm RKP trucks and 65 mm small wheels round off the setup perfectly. The deck is made of 7 layers of high-quality Canadian maple. The ABEC 9 ball bearings guarantee great rolling behavior. We recommend the children's longboard with a maximum body weight of 65 KG.

Possible applications: Cruising
Rider weight: up to 65 kg
suitable for: Children
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No matter whether you are just starting out or are already advanced - the large selection of BTFL longboards has something for everyone. Whether for cruising, carving or dancing, we have the right board for you!

frequently asked Questions

Which longboard is best for beginners?

In general, drop-through longboards are the easiest to ride. The axle on these boards is "dropped through" and screwed to the deck from above. This means that the board is a little lower overall. The board makes gentle turns and you don't have to bend your knees as much when pushing and braking. However, buying a drop-through longboard at the beginning is not a must. If you want to practice a special discipline with your longboard, e.g. longboard dancing, then you can choose your board accordingly.

Which length is best for me?

Generally speaking, the shorter the board, the less space you have to stand on. A short board, such as a mini cruiser, is very maneuverable and easy to handle. However, it also offers less space to position your feet on. Your feet are a little closer together and therefore less stable. This is why shorter boards are generally more difficult to ride. Of course, your height also plays a role. Smaller boards are easier for children to ride because children don't need as much space to stand on as adults. For beginners who are 1.60m tall or tall, we recommend a board length of around 85cm or more.

How easy is longboarding?

There is no clear answer to this question. Of course, your previous experience plays a big role. In addition, some people are less afraid than others or have a better sense of their body. Due to the characteristics of a longboard, such as the length of the deck or the nature of the wheels, longboarding is easier to learn than skateboarding.

When does it make sense to buy a longboard for children?

The components of a children's longboard are smaller than those of conventional longboards. The boards therefore weigh less and are easier to steer. The use of a children's longboard is based less on age than on height. In general, we recommend a children's longboard for children under 1.60m. For children over 1.60m tall, we would recommend a larger longboard.

Why is a BTFL board right for me?

With the BTFL longboards, all components are perfectly coordinated. So you don't have to collect all the individual parts, you can just buy a whole board. The components are all made of high-quality materials. Not only the ABEC 9 ball bearings, but also the high rebound PU of the wheels guarantee you effortless progress. Visually, the BTFL boards are characterized by their unmistakable look. The designs are all made in-house and are absolutely unique. With BTFL boards, you not only get quality, but a product that you will also enjoy visually.

How many kg can a longboard hold?

For drop-through longboards we generally recommend a maximum body weight of 85 KG. This does not apply to children's longboards, for which we recommend a maximum of 65 KG. For top-mounted longboards we recommend a maximum weight of 100 KG.

How do I adjust my longboard correctly?

Even if your longboard comes to your home fully assembled, it doesn't mean that it's perfect for you straight away. You should check the steering in particular, as it needs to be adjusted to your body weight and your individual preferences. For less powerful steering, you need to tighten the kingpin nut; for a looser ride, you need to loosen it. If you can't find the perfect setting for you, you can also replace the rubber bushings. You can get the right tool at any skateboard shop.

How do drop-through longboards differ from topmounted longboards?

With a drop-through longboard, the axle is screwed through the deck from above. It therefore has corresponding recesses at the front and back. The deck is closer to the ground and you don't have to bend your knees as far when pushing and braking. With top-mounted longboards, the axle is screwed completely under the deck. This has the advantage that the deck is flat on top and the entire surface can be used. Typical examples include skateboards, longboard dancers and mini cruisers.

How do the roles differ from each other?

Wheels are made from a rubber material and are available in different degrees of hardness. The hardness of a wheel (shore) is indicated with a number + A, e.g. 78A. The lower this number, the softer the material. The higher the number, the harder the material. Soft wheels have more grip on the ground. If you lean heavily into a curve or ride on wet ground, they have more traction. They also absorb bumps in the ground better than hard wheels. This is why soft wheels are particularly suitable for cruising around. The hardness for soft wheels is between approx. 77A - 85A. Hard wheels are better suited if you don't want as much traction, for example when freeriding or skateboarding. With hard wheels you can "drag" the board across the ground or do certain tricks with less effort. The hardness for hard wheels ranges from approx. 86A - 100A.

Skateboard or longboard?

Technically, there are many differences between longboards and skateboards. Below you will find a brief overview of the respective advantages: A longboard is ideal if you want to get from A to B quickly. Due to the large, soft wheels, it rolls much longer and is more stable than a skateboard. It is therefore less strenuous. A longboard is also easier to use on uneven surfaces. A skateboard is particularly worthwhile if you really want to practice tricks with it. Due to its shape and weight, it is much better suited for this than longboards. Once you are experienced, you can also ride from A to B with a skateboard. However, this is much more challenging to start with than with a longboard. An exception when it comes to tricks are dancer longboards, which are much longer than skateboards, but are also suitable for tricks due to their shape.