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BTFL MARVIN - Cruiser Skateboard

BTFL MARVIN - Cruiser Skateboard

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  •  7 layers of Canadian maple resin glue
  •  8"x31.75"
  •  58x32mm, 80A
  •  90A
  •  5.5" TKP
  •  35.5cm
  •  ABEC9
  •  2.7Kgs
  •  stiff

Product information "BTFL MARVIN - Cruiser Skateboard"

Marvin is a hybrid of a skateboard and a longboard. The cruiser skateboard is equipped with a skateboard deck, skateboard trucks and cruiser wheels. Thanks to the wheels, you can easily ride over manhole covers and other stumbling blocks with Marvin. So you don't necessarily have to be able to do ollies to cruise around on a skateboard. But even those who don't have any problems with ollies will get their money's worth: with a wheel size of 58 mm, the board can still be popped well, so that classic skateboard tricks are also possible with it in addition to leisurely cruising. Due to the deck size, the board is handy and can quickly be attached to a backpack. Marvin is a great compromise for anyone looking for a mix between a skateboard and a mini cruiser.

Possible applications: Cruising, Skateboarding
Rider weight: up to 100kg
suitable for: Beginners, advanced, children
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Have fun!

Find your way into skateboarding with BTFL Skateboards. With great attention to detail, the BTFL Skateboards come in a unique design.

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frequently asked Questions

How easy is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is more difficult than longboarding. This is mainly due to the small, hard wheels and the small footprint of the skateboard. The basics, i.e. pushing, braking and cornering, are the same for both sports. In general, you need a lot of stamina to skateboard. Learning your first tricks can take a lot of effort and hard work. If you keep at it, you won't want to miss this sport in your everyday life!

At what age should I start skateboarding?

You are never too old to skateboard. Nevertheless, as you get older you may find it harder to overcome your fears and your fears may increase. If you don't want to do tricks and just want to get from A to B, we would recommend a longboard.

Children’s longboard or children’s skateboard?

Before you decide on an option, it's best to ask your child what exactly they want to do. If it's about cruising a bit or rolling around lying or sitting on the board, then we recommend a children's longboard. If your child is inspired by skaters and would like to learn tricks on the flat or on the ramp, then you should buy them a skateboard.

Skateboard or longboard?

Technically, there are many differences between longboards and skateboards. Below you will find a brief overview of the respective advantages: A longboard is ideal if you want to get from A to B quickly. Due to the large, soft wheels, it rolls much longer and is more stable than a skateboard. It is therefore less strenuous. A longboard is also easier to use on uneven surfaces. A skateboard is particularly worthwhile if you really want to practice tricks with it. Due to its shape and weight, it is much better suited for this than longboards. Once you are experienced, you can also ride from A to B with a skateboard. However, this is much more challenging for beginners than with a longboard. An exception when it comes to tricks are dancer longboards, which are much longer than skateboards, but are also suitable for tricks due to their shape.