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BTFL LIAM - Classic Pro Skates Roller Skates

BTFL LIAM - Classic Pro Skates Roller Skates

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  •  Suede
  •  62x38mm, 80A
  •  85A
  •  ABEC-7

Product information "BTFL LIAM - Classic Pro Skates Roller Skates"

Attention retro fans! These BTFL roller skates will make you the star of every 80s party. The golden eyelets and the subtle floral mesh complete the look. The BTFL Classic Pro Skates reflect the classic look of figure skating in a timeless design. The shoe is made of soft leather that offers comfort and flexibility right from the start, while the high shaft gives the foot stability. Height-adjustable stoppers, high rebound BTFL outdoor wheels and Abec-7 ball bearings ensure that nothing slows you down with the Classic Pro Series.

Rider weight: up to 100kg
suitable for: Beginner, Advanced
Possible applications: Indoor, Outdoor
Material: leather
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Feel the beat!

Whether you just want to skate from A to B or are looking to get into jam skating, the individual components can be adapted to your individual needs. You can also find all kinds of roller skating accessories in our shop.

frequently asked Questions

Why BTFL roller skates?

The BTFL roller skates have been around since 2016. Thanks to their quality, fit and look, they have quickly established themselves on the market. The BTFL Classic Pro skates are softer than conventional shoes and that is exactly why they are so popular. You can put them on and start skating straight away, without annoying blisters and painful breaking in. All BTFL roller skates are ideal for cruising and jam skating. At BTFL you can also get all kinds of accessories with which you can adapt the shoes to your individual riding needs.

How do the BTFL roller skates differ from each other?

The roller skate models Liam, Dian and Ava are identical in terms of their construction and only differ visually from one another. Due to the size and nature of the wheels, they are primarily suitable for cruising and driving around and are therefore ideal for beginners. Small bumps are no problem with these wheels. The Faya Pro X model has an aluminum chassis and smaller, harder wheels. This makes the Faya Pro X particularly suitable for jam skating on the smoothest possible ground and less suitable for covering long distances. The aluminum chassis can also easily withstand high loads such as jumps.

How do the roles differ from each other?

Wheels are made from a rubber material and are available in various degrees of hardness. The hardness of a wheel (shore) is indicated with a number + A, e.g. 78A. The lower this number, the softer the material. The higher the number, the harder the material. Soft wheels have more grip on the ground. If you lean heavily into a curve or ride on wet ground, they have more traction. They also absorb bumps in the ground better than hard wheels. This is why soft wheels are particularly suitable for cruising around. The hardness for soft wheels is between approx. 77A – 85A. Hard wheels are better suited if you don't want as much traction, such as when jam skating. With hard wheels you can drag your shoe across the ground better or do certain moves on the spot. The hardness for hard wheels ranges from approx. 86A – 100A.

How do stoppers and jam plugs work?

Unlike inline skates, roller skates have their brakes on the forefoot. There are two types of stoppers: those that are height-adjustable and those that have a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. The advantage of adjustable stoppers is that you can set different angles using the height. You can unscrew the stopper if you prefer a flatter angle for braking. You can also unscrew the stopper further if it is very worn and adjust it again and again. Jam plugs are screwed in at the same place as stoppers, but are not intended for stopping. Since the stoppers are more of a hindrance when jam skating, they are usually unscrewed. Jam plugs serve the purpose of preventing dirt from getting through the thread of the stoppers. They are also used for certain tricks and figures.

Which size is best for me?

You will find a size chart under the product photos. Measure your bare foot from the big toe to the heel and see which measurement in the table corresponds to your result. If your foot length is between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger shoe size.

How do I adjust the roller skates for myself?

The BTFL roller skates come with a standard steering setting, which you must first adjust to your riding preferences and body weight. Many people prefer a harder steering setting, especially at the beginning. If your roller skates steer too much, tighten the kingpin nut between the wheels harder. For easier steering, loosen the nut slightly.

Are there vegan BTFL roller skates?

Our Classic Pro Skates are all made of real leather. This has the advantage that the shoes last extra long and can withstand a lot. If you fall, the shoes won't get a hole or a tear straight away. Instead of constantly having to buy new shoes, you can simply replace the individual parts such as wheels, stoppers and ball bearings when they are heavily worn, as the leather makes the shoes particularly durable.

What body weight are the roller skates suitable for?

The BTFL roller skates are approved for a body weight of up to 100 KG.

Which model is best for beginners?

All BTFL roller skates are suitable for beginners. The Faya Pro X skates have an aluminum chassis. The aluminum chassis can withstand high loads if you want to do jumps with the roller skates or ride on the ramp, for example. The Liam, Ava and Dian models come with a PPH chassis. This means the shoes weigh less. These three models are absolutely sufficient for normal riding around the city or on longer distances.