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BTFL FOXY - Downhill Longboard Deck only

BTFL FOXY - Downhill Longboard Deck only

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  •  8 layers of Canadian maple
  •  90x24cm
  •  61cm - 68cm
  •  1 (hard)

Product information "BTFL FOXY - Downhill Longboard Deck only"

Our team rider Dina Miß was furious when she was allowed to try out a new downhill deck. The result was FOXY. It is narrower and shorter than usual downhill longboard decks, which also makes it lighter compared to other decks. The slight drop on the front and rear axles and the slight concave offer a firm stand, but also leave room for different standing options. The whole thing is rounded off by wheelwells to prevent wheel bites. The 9 layers of Canadian maple make the deck super stiff, which is why it is suitable for both freeride and downhill. There are several wheelbase options so that these can be adjusted individually. And everyone has their own preferences, so we offer the deck without grip tape. The BTFL downhill deck is ideal if you want to put together your own longboard.

We think: Our Dina has done a really good job! This means that not only beginners get their money's worth, because this board is also ideal for advanced riders. With the beautiful motif, created by our graphic designer Deborah Keser, Foxy also shows his gentle side. The gold and white look gives the board a touch of elegance.

Possible applications: Cruising, Downhill
Rider weight: up to 100kg
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