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BTFL Classic artistic roller skate Scarlett Pro

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Product information "BTFL Classic artistic roller skate Scarlett Pro"

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This roller skate for girls bring back the feeling of the 70’s disco-boogie days. These skates have a timeless design and resemble the look of classic figure ice skating. The Classic Skates are made of soft leather and have small heels. The Scarlett Pro is an upgrade of our very successful Scarlett Classic Roller Skate. That you can dance even more playfuly and smoothly, because we made the stopper height adjustable. Additionaly we used a softer material, so nothing can stop your acrobatic moves. The extra high schoe shaft provides stability and the new comfortable insole offers a high degree of endurance, for longer rides. The chassis were changed to a PPH chassis, the hanger are made of aluminium, which makes the rollerskate much lighter. The edges of the wheels are rounded, this allows a dynamic skating and advanced dance moves. The wheel size takes 62 x 38mm.