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BTFL SYDNEY - Dancer Bambus Fiberglas / Bolzen + Orangatang

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  • canadian maple + bamboo + fibreglas
  • 9" x 45"
  • Orangatang Fat Free 65 x 47 mm
  • 84A
  • BOLZEN trucks 180 mm
  • 23.6"
  • ABEC 9
  • beginner + advanced
  • medium
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Product information "BTFL SYDNEY - Dancer Bambus Fiberglas / Bolzen + Orangatang"

With bamboo stringers on both sides Sydney reminds of those longboards you know from surfing. The underside is also decorated with a white mandala. The actually very large deck appears delicate and invites to a gracile dance. The Griptape is only placed on the kicks, so that more freedom of movement of the feet is guaranteed. Thanks to it’s length Sydney offers enough space for dancing steps. But also freestyle tricks are easily possible with Sydney. Whether no complies, Shove-its or manuals – the kicks are wide and have a good pop. To achieve a good combination of flex and weight, the board is made of bamboo, Canadian maple and fiberglass. Sydney comes with Orangatang Fat Frees in 77A and Bolzen RKP trucks in 180 mm. Both components enjoy great popularity in the dancing scene. This setup is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced dancers.

Einsatzmöglichkeit: Dancing, Freestyle
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